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3 Foods To Avoid For Fresh And Beautiful Skin

The saying that you are what you eat will forever be true because what you eat will surely show on your skin. If you start having acne, pimples etc then you should look at your diet.
Many people spend loads of money on beauty products to make their skin beautiful forgetting that the food they eat have a lot to do about their skin, what you eat can mar or make your skin, it can make your skin glow or become dull.

Here are some foods you should avoid for a great skin.
Sugar: The internet is full of articles that shout all the time that sugar is bad for the skin, apart from the fact that sugar is unhealthy it is also bad for your skin. Eating too much of sugar will surely affect your skin.

Coffee: Caffeine can cause problems for your skin like wrinkles, premature sagging and also dehydrates your skin.

Alcohol: Alcohol is very bad for the skin, apart from the fact that will give you a bad headache it will also dehydrate your skin.


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