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How To Spot Frustrated MMM Participants At Public Places

It is very evident that the ponzi scheme (MMM) has technically crashed with respect to the controversial string pulled by the owner.

Some of the affected participants have moved on while the greedy ones have failed to give up, therefore, they often display notorious attitudes visibly at public places which are;

1. Act of soliloquy

I sympathise with those who invested huge money into this scheme but somehow their emotions have been bruised, hence, they talk soliloquy in public like a mentally derailed person. Just yesterday I spotted a frustrated man making loud utterance that "Ko ni da fun mavrodi" meaning "It shall not be well with mavrodi".

2. They exhibit sadness and bitterness

When you spot them in the public, they always look sad and depressed expecting the world to end abruptly. There's nothing you can say to make them happy, smile or laugh even if you're the best world comedian except when they get their money back.

3. Anger issues

This attitude is very common to frustrated participants MMM as they easily get angry over meagre issues. I have lost counts of such scenarios on social media and public places where they throw unnecessary tantrums and insult each other as if they homely bankrupt. The situation has aggravated to the point that gentle husbands have unleash anger to the wives by mercilessly besting them up

4. Solitude and moody behaviour

For a sociable person who of recent has becomes very moody and prefers solitary places indicates that he/she is perhaps regretting investing on the ponzi scheme. People will agree with me that this epidemic wind is now intense in the society today coupled with the issue of recession.

5. Tattered looks

I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a friend of mine yesterday looking so tattered and disfigured, coupled with offensive body and mouth odour. This is someone that used to be my mentor when it comes to good dressing. I inquired why he was dressed tattered and admitted he was still nursing the pain of his N1.5m that got stocked in the fraudulent wonder bank scheme.

6. They talk about MMM at regular intervals

Most times, aggrieved MMM participants always look worried as they can barely hold a simple conversation without mentioning their frozen investment. Financial nightmare and heartbreak created by this scheme has given them troubled looks making them run "helter skelter" like an endangered prey.

7. Suicidal tendencies

It's a pity that MMM is gone for good but the aftermath of it has made lot of frustrated MMM participants give suicide a trial. Just last week, if not for the timely intervention of well wishers, a guy almost ended his life by jumping into ocean at 3rd mainland bridge. According to him, he was lamenting that he borrowed huge amount of money to invest on the ponzi scheme.


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