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Designer Zizi Cardow brings '70s vibe to the runway @ The 50 shades of design fashion show.

Zizi Cardow

Zizi Cardow showed off 70's inspired offerings over the weekend as she presented at the 50 Shades of Design Fashion Show held on Sunday 28th May 2017 at the Eko Atlantic.

The fashion designer who made the list of designers honoured for Lagos @50 showed off 'old school' vibes with a twist on the runway. 
50 shades of design Fashion show With Zizi Cardow

She did the '70s style with a modern twist showing peek-a-boo details for an edgy feel that the brand is known for.
Flared pants with snazzy vibes, sheer bow blouses, flirty short dresses, halter tops paired with palazzo pants, free matching sets, kaftan paired with shorts and more designs in bold prints were included in the collection that got the audience excited.

The designer went the whole mile with big hair/Afros, colourful makeup looks for the presentation. 

50 shades of design Fashion show With Zizi Cardow


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