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Actress Toyin Aimakhu opens on drug abuse and depression

Toyin Aimakhu speaks on her drug use, drinking codeine, depression and self-esteem issues in new interview. 

Toyin Abraham speaks on her drug use

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu (now Toyin Abraham) has come clean about her drug use and battle with depression.

In an interview with Broadway TV, the actress whose latest movie 'Alakada Reloaded' is out in movies spoke about her bout with depression and drug use. 

Revealing that her life has changed she said "I worked on the negativity around me. I tried to be positive and I had to deal with depression and drugs.

Toyin AbrahamToyin Abraham

Toyin Aimakhu spoke about her failed marriage with Adeniyi Johnson which crashed in 2015. "I didn't plan for a broken home. I didn't plan for a broken marriage but when it came (shrugs) and after my marriage, there were so many negativities (sic)."
"And I was emotionally carried away. I didn't heal before jumping into another relationship, but I thought I was going to be healed through another relationship" she further said. 

Toyin Aimakhu at the just concluded NECLive5Toyin Aimakhu at the just concluded NECLive5

The actress is referring to her toxic relationship with Nollywood producer Seun Egbegbe. Their public relationship unfolded in spectacular fashion. Seun Egbegbe is currently in prison awaiting trial for fraud. 

Seun EgbegbeSeun Egbegbe
(Bella Naija)

Toyin Aimakhu said she had self-esteem issues. "I realised I actually don't love myself and I want people around to love me. Then I think I wasn't focusing on the things that really matters. And I always choose people before me. I think I didn't love myself. I didn't love myself enough and I want people around me to love me."
She confessed that she was doing drugs and mentioned she drank codeine during this period. 

Toyin AimakhuToyin Aimakhu

"I was losing touch with things that used to work for me because I was involved with negative habits like drugs, smoking, codeine. Codeine is very bad, it's very bad. All these things were empowering my negative energy.

Toyin Aimakhu stuns in new photos Toyin Aimakhu stuns in new photos

Toyin Aimakhu broke away from the cycle of depression and drugs when she found out that she deserved better in life. "I realised I deserved more...I decided to change my habits."


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