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Beauty enthusiast Lola OJ releases skincare line; 'Coco'

Beauty blogger/enthusiast Lola OJ launches her skincare line; Coco Skincare line, check out the campaign...

Lola OJ

Lola OJ dabbles into skincare launching her own line; Coco Skincare line. 

The beauty enthusiast/blogger has released the first product from her skincare line; 'Coco Hydrating Face Cream' from the line set to carry skincare products for different skin types and skin tones.

  Lola OJ releases 'Coco' Hydrating Face Cream

Coco Hydrating Face Cream is one of my best kept skincare secrets, that I am now happy to share” She shares about the new line. Described as; "a perfect daily moisturiser that nourishes the skin whilst maintaining your skin’s natural glow, a perfect moisturiser to use on its own or underneath make up and specially formulated for those who require moistened skin in a hot climate.

She offered that the new product is produced for all skintypes with climate kept in mind, "The texture of the cream allows for quick absorption into the skin with minimal effort. Coco Skincare is dedicated to offering skin care products specially formulated to encourage healthy glowing skin. Each Coco Skincare product is created for a specific purpose, using only the most effective and high-quality ingredients to create the most sought after results".

Lola OJ releases  'Coco' Hydrating Face Cream Lola OJ releases 'Coco' Hydrating Face Cream (Lola OJ)

"I was desperately looking for a product that could meet the needs of my ideal face cream, something effective yet light and non-greasy that could also help prevent hyper-pigmentation on the face.
However, it was important for me that it would have no long term damaging effect. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I went to work creating it! I worked with a credible and certified dermatologist to perfect the formula and then tested the final product on a study group of 15 women for 3 weeks and noted their results" she shares the inspiration behind creating the product.

"90% saw a significant difference in their skin, noting that the texture of their skin was healthier and their faces were less dull after using the cream.
I have been using this formula for over 7 months and I can testify that I have seen a real improvement in my skin. I started seeing a clear difference after the first month, with the texture of my skin becoming smoother and reduced breakouts" she says about the new product.
Get a first look at the campaign below.


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