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Davido Celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo's Gesture: A Big Achievement

There is a twist to the ongoing feud between the two of the African best Hip Hop artists Davido and Wizkid in continuation of their long time rivalry.

The two of the best African Acts were once inseparable as they attends shows and performed on stages together, not until a time around July, 2016 that a high scale beef erupted between the two music act which led to the duo throwing tantrum and insulting words on social media.

Few weeks back Wizkid went on his Twitter page calling out Davido, he wrote "you can't hate on someone doing better than u on what u failed at! learn and appreciate! Free your mind from hate young kids.
The game is only for the real! Catch up or stay local! Don't blame anyone for your failures! Pray and work hard kids!
And remember kids! Drink more water!!
Without waiting to verify if it was actually Wizkid that spewed such, Davido went straight to his handle and uploaded a video of him singing for a white couple on their wedding day and wrote "Local champion ….. I love it ! Congrats to the beautiful couple The groom is Nigerian Right? WANKOLO NO DE GAME"

However, the newest chapter to the series of their beefing started when Davido announced to his over 4.3 Million Instagram followers that he had just been followed on IG by the current World Best Footballer Christiano Ronaldo. A feat many considers an achievement while some sections of online users faulted Davido for celebrating it.

However, many who faulted Davido while celebrating the recognition given to him by Christiano Ronaldo on Instagram were reminded that the achievement wouldn't have been possible if not for the impact of Davido's newest Jamz titled "FALL", which had Ronaldo's name mentioned on its chorus.

While the euphoria was growing like wildfire the BET Award took place in Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and “Best International Act: Africa” 2017 BET Awards was given to Wizkid. After the presentation of Awards to the winners "Wizkid and FUTURE" went to the backstage and took pictures.
Wizkid uploaded the picture and gushed over it. 

Meanwhile, the antagonist fans who never see anything good in Wizkid jumped on his handle comment section and reminded him that while he's there taking pictures with Future, Davido is being followed on IG by World Best Footballer.

What started like a child's play escalated into a brewing fight as the two superstars comes out on each other with full impact like a Wrestlemania fight in the WWE.

Wizkid who has over time shown that he's got no love for Davido by removing him on his Instagram handle sometime this year went to Twitter and wrote *"The FUTURE you see is better than the Footballer you don't see".
Without saying Jackrobinson Davido went all out with killer blow and snipper as he wrote on his Twitter handle "The footballer that follows you and you don't see, is better than the Drake that never Came Closer".

Carefully looking at Davido's misile reply, it originated from the ridicule Wizkid was subjected to by music fans when Drake went AWOL on Wizkid's "Come Closer" video shoot.

We wonder who will break a truce between the duo on this latest chapter of "Beef Chronicle"


CHRISTIANO Ronaldo is no doubt the Best Footballer on planet Earth at the moment and no doubt one of the most influential and richest sportman. 
A quick glance on his Instagram account show's Christiano Ronaldo has over 105 Million people following him. Out of the over 105 Million people following him, Ronaldo only follows the meagre 376 accounts and these accounts consist of great people that cut across different professions.

It will interest an inquisitive minds that out of the 376 accounts that Christiano Ronaldo follows just 5 of these accounts can be traced to African personalities and Davido is one on the list.


1) Davido - @davidooficial (Musician)

2) Seyi Adebayo - @e_adebayor (Footballer)

3) Didier Drogba - @didierdrogba (Footballer)

4) Felix Obi - @felix_o_ (Athlete)

5) Anthony Joshua - @anthony_joshua (Boxer).

While Christiano Ronaldo's Account remains the 4th Most Followed Accounts on Instagram Top 50 in the World, it will interest one to note that Davido been followed by Ronaldo is not a coincidental action but a result of who Davido has grown to be in Africa and World Music Map.


1) It will increase Davido's fan base as more people following Ronaldo will want to know about him by following him.

2) It will improve his acceptability in World Music map as more people will consider him to be a more superstar than he is.

3) It will spur him to put more energy into his music as he now believes more in himself.

Presently, while @davidooficial boast of 4.3 Million followers on Instagram, @wizkidayo only had 3.7 Million people following him.

Would You Celebrate It If Ronaldo Follows You On Social Media?

Written by Sammyramires✍�



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