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Oh Sisters! Fear Allah With Regard To Your Mode Dressing!

Salam Alaikum Waramotulahi Wabarakatuhu.
I Wonder Why Most Of Us Sisters Are Not Keeping To The Commandments Of Allah.The Question Is; Why Is It So Difficult To Observe Hijab(full Jilbab)? Are We Afraid Of The Ill Comments Or Awful Talk We Get From People? Why Is Hijab Seen As An Hard Task Or Imprisonment?
Now Sisters Get This, Hijab Is A Right & It Must Be Worn With Taqwa.
I Get Some Silly Comments Abt Hijab,Like:
* Oh The Heat Is Too Much, Have U Ever Imagine The Intense Heat Of Jahanam(hell)?
U Wanna Thread In The Latex Designs Of Clothes, Have U Forgotten The Worms And Ants In The Qabr(grave)?
*I Cant Cover Myself Like Am Mourning A Dead,
Do U Know Even If U Dont Cover Up Now, Have U Forgotten Ur Shroud?
Fear Allah Sisters And Do Not Be Carried Away By The So Called Civilization.
Remember The Verse "And I Have Not Created Mankind And Jinn Except To Worship Me" Hijab Is A Form Of Worship Too.
May Allah Grant Us The Hikmah, Ilm, Fahm To Follow The Pristine Deen- Islam.
Still Ur Uktie In Deen


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