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Ghana’s Government Puts Out #WearMadeInGhana HashTag; Would It Be Enforced By Policies?


3 days ago, her excellency Samira Bawumia published a well designed image of her self with the hash tag only ‘WearMadeInGhana’, shortly after she posted one with the actual president’s face on it. So the question is where is this hashtag leading?

There have been various acts carried out by previous governments and presidents of Ghana, but ever since Nkrumah our fashion textile industry has done nothing but sink down the drain and open doors for foreign businesses to exploit our market.
And majority of our government initiatives sound great to the public but have not really had the necessary impact. For example ‘Friday’ workers wear African fashion. Or a few 100,000ghs distributed amongst a number of fashionistas, or wearing batakari on the first day of each month.

These are all beautiful and might impact a designer or two but haven’t really change the structure of Ghana, whilst the clear issues are always debated and promised to be acted on but are not dealt with, such as the Chinese fabric imports that totally obliterated our textile industry, or the second hand clothing that is taking a large share of our markets. Or for example making restrictions for clothing boutiques to stock a percentage of made in Ghana goods.

According to a source in the government, this is a movement that has been started. Unfortunately we don’t know what that means and if it will be backed by actually social changing policies. We can only wait and see.



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