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3 Helpful Tips On How Low Income Earners Can Survive In Lagos

Image result for lagos1:04am Lagos is a good place to live, but it is a no go area for low income earners. As a matter of fact, life is not always easy for low income earners in the ever busy Lagos city. If you are a low income earner living in this city, you will understand this. However, this article provide our readers with helpful tips on how low income earners can survive in Lagos.

According to a recent report by Mercer (World largest Human resources consulting firm), Lagos is the 13th most expensive city in the world.

The cost of living in Lagos is extremely high. Unfortunately, it is the low income earners that suffer most from the high cost of living in Lagos. Despite the expensive nature of Lagos, it is still the best city to search for employment in Nigeria.

So, if you are a low income earner, it is still very possible to live in Lagos without being broke. As a matter of fact, you can survive very well in this city with your low income if you follow the tips below;

Helpful Tips on How Low Income Earners Can Survive In Lagos

#1 Multiple Streams Of Income

One of the tips on how low income earners can survive in Lagos is to have multiple streams of income. In fact, living in Lagos is very difficult if you have only one source of income. Most low income earners end up living from hands to mouth.

Come to think of it, people that receive 6 digits salary find it extremely difficult to cope in Lagos with one income source, let a lone you that earn a 5 digits salary.

Having multiple streams of income is perfect for low income earners living in Lagos. This will make life much easier for you in Lagos.

#2 Spend Wisely

This is another area low income earners need to work on. They have to acknowledge the fact that they aren’t earning much. Therefore, they should spend money on the things they need.

Rather than spending money lavishly, they should consider spending on things that will give them more money.

Also, avoid impulse buying as much as possible. More importantly, be yourself and never try to impress anybody. As a rule, never go broke trying to look rich, spend within your means.

Always remember that if you spend your money anyhow, Lagos will always treat you anyhow. A word is enough for the wise.

#3 Learn To Trek Short Distance

It is a known fact that Most Lagosians spend huge part of their income on transportation. You can drastically reduce the amount you spend on this by trekking short distance.

Rather than taking a tricycle or motorcycle all the time, learn to trek short distance. This will enable you to save a large part of your income.

These are the tips on how low income earners can survive in Lagos.


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